What makes lesbian relationships successful?

What makes same-sex relationships successful? Are gay couples really just like straight couples or are we maybe better and special? People have grappled with these questions for eons. Politicians of every persuasion have stood before God and Senate and wondered aloud, “Are straight people basically muggles?”

AfterEllen took a poll about lesbian relationships, and these are the results.



True or False: Arguing is normal and healthy?

87% say true, 13% say false.

Have you ever snooped through a girlfriend’s phone, email, or social media?

63% say no, 37% say yes.

How long until you exchanged “I love you”s?

46% say 1-3 months, 23% say 4-6 months, 16% say less than a month, 15% say over 6 months.

What’s the best part of being in a relationship?

43% say companionship, 34% say affection, 18% say support, and 5% say sex.

Do you think it’s possible to stay friends after breaking up?

60% say yes and 40% no. 1213 responding yes and 800 responding no.

Have you experienced “lesbian bed death?”

Another close one. 58% of lesbians say they have never experienced LBD and 42% said lesbian bed death is a continuing affliction.

How have your past relationships changed you?

We’re a surprisingly optimistic lot when mulling over the lessons of past loves. 75% say past relationships have changed them for the better, 10% for the worse, and 15% replied that their past relationships had not changed them at all.

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