The Sexual Epiphany

Have you ever known a woman who never seemed interested in dating? They are sometimes called a late starter. When these women were growing into their teens, they did not have any interest in boys or girls, nor in dating. Generally these girls spent a lot of time passionate about their school and their schoolwork. Their passion would spill over to some other school activity such as drama, choir, glee club, sports, the school newspaper or perhaps the yearbook club. Whatever the interest, their passion was spent on it instead of on a companion. After event gatherings and parties were done as a group rather than as couples.

After completion of high school these women moved on to college and either expanded their previous passion, or found a new one to carry them away. The size of their group would dwindle over time, but they would take on new converts, ever eager to expand the number of devotees to their interest.

As time goes by, it is only natural that these groups would dwindle in size, the bulk of the participates breaking down into couple Dom, leaving behind the individual who does not actively participate in finding someone to date – to love – to call their own. Soon the group has become a pair, and the pair can share the passion of their interest in the topic at hand.

One day, one of the pair will look around her; assess her life and her activities. She will realize that somehow, somewhere along the line, she became one-half of a couple. She will note that she spends 24 hours, 7 days a week thinking about this one individual. Whenever invited somewhere, she makes arrangements for the other to join her. If separated from the other, she feels the need to check-in when she leaves and when she arrives. When they are apart, she feels as if a part of her is missing. In being honest with herself, she admits she has built a relationship based upon mutual respect, interests, goals and most importantly — love.

And then it will hit her that she has fallen in love with a woman! She will be able to trace back the clues that she has always been drawn to women – but she never noticed it along the way. Many of her family and friends will be surprised to learn this was her epiphany.

In most cases, this woman will shift her interest and activities toward immersing herself in lesbian groups. She will devote a great deal of time toward research – history of lesbianism as well as her personal history – all working toward the incorporation of these feelings into herself.

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