Anti-LGBT Groups Hidden Danger

I believe we’ve all heard of Rev. Fred Phelps of Kansas when speaking about religious political organizations. Rev. Phelps has 13 children, now adults who have their own children and are also the congregation of the Reverend. Phelps claims that his church is based on Christianity, but it is not like anything that most of us have seen in our bibles. Phelps is best known for messages from his “god hates fags.”

Phelps is going to brand anyone he doesn’t like as a “fag” or “fag lover” and then condemn them to hell. He specializes in picketing funerals— calling the dead “fag” or “fag lover” and condemning them again to eternal hell and damnation. I can only imagine the extra grief that this brings to the deceased’s families and friends.

One of the children of Phelps had developed a website called “” Surprisingly it stayed alive for a few years— obviously the Webmaster was a powerful believer in the right to free speech first amendment. It’s unknown why it went down at last. Either Phelps lost interest in the site or tired the Webmaster.

Since their early years in Kansas, I have known Phelps and his clan / church where they terrorized local people through FAX and pickets. I often thought it was nice for others to see how hate could twist their minds by observing and listening in action to this person. Eventually, however, I realized how hazardous this guy is on several levels— not only to our society, but also to the whole nation.

On the face of it, his words would repel your average person watching or listening to Phelps. Phelps is shrill, unreasonable, and turns individuals off in your face. A reasonable person would go back and maybe lean a little more towards promoting gays / lesbians in their struggle for equal rights. Perhaps. This was the idea I first discovered comforting about Fred Phelps ‘ deeds.

But then I had to take those ideas a step further— what if that same reasonable person tuned in to the 700 Club after listening to Phelps and being repelled by his message? So wouldn’t Pat Robertson sound so shrill, would he? Maybe they turned to the Lord’s Praise. Suddenly, in his thoughts, Jerry Falwell no longer appears so far out, does he? All these religious crazies sound quite sensible after Fred Phelps.

Do you see the hazard?

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