The Courage To Emerge

How have you been telling them? What have they been saying? Was that worth it? No one’s company! You hated them?

You can always inform your boss when someone is thinking about coming out – to themselves, family or friends, or (gulp). Suddenly they begin to collect the tales of everyone— obviously hoping to weigh the bad out of the favorable tales. It provides an outta two, nah, three outta five fresh significance.

We all, of course, have our own tales. Everyone has at least one mainland portion of the tale which is distinct from the tale of anybody else. It’s what makes us different a little bit. So we’re sharing every gem and the gore. It’s the one moment we’re all totally frank and open to each other.

Unless we’re online. We’re more frightened online for some reason— or maybe fewer online folks are out in our true lives? I believe we all suppose that somebody living out as a lesbian or bisexual female in a chat room with the term Lesbian in the name. I mean, the declaration is pretty courageous!

We need to remember that individuals can use an alias instead of their own name in chat and in the forum. In true life, these individuals may not be out. For whatever the reason, this may be the only place they can be out.

No one needs a reason to be out, or not to be out. We must all bear in mind that what happens in the real life of someone may not translate into mixing online with other lesbians.

Be soft and never take it for granted…

Before the next moment…