Women’s Sexual Experiment

Have you met females who were or are presently married (to a guy) and are suddenly experiencing powerful attractions for females— from best buddies to colleagues? Many of these females pretend to be prepared to acknowledge the explorations of their wife by their husbands. No males seem to fear that their marriage could be threatened by their wives carrying on with other females to hear the tales of these females.

I think it’s fair to assume some emails aren’t completely honest. There are likely some females who have not talked with their husbands about their emotions, but want to reassure any prospective lover that their spouse is not a danger to the opportunities. And I’m sure some of these messages are men pretending to be females. For those who are female and honest, however, I would venture to say that there are a number of husbands who are not concerned about the extra-marital activities of their wives— maybe even discover that hearing or knowing about the encounters is sexually stimulating— simply because they don’t find a woman threatening to marry.

I can’t assist but think that the least of these couples ‘ worries are my feelings, or the feelings of any female engaged with one of these husbands. Is it me, or do I expect too much of women’s sensitivity?

Having come out to me in my thirties, I confess that in my youth I had some inexpensive business with males. None of those males ever created me feel like I was just an object engaged in a scientific project— a feeling I get when I read an email asking me where a female can find someone to understand her condition. Maybe it’s my own response, but I feel like these females are just waiting for lesbians to give the word and their bones to jump.

Is it possible that these females, together with society in particular, still suppose that lesbians are just about sex, any sex, as long as they are with a female? Maybe it’s time for us to hire a press officer.?

Until next time…