Sexually Experimenting Women

Have you encountered women who have been or are currently married (to a man), and are suddenly experiencing strong attractions to women — from best friends to co-workers? Many of these women claim their husbands are willing to accept their wife’s explorations. To hear these women’s stories, no men seem to fear that their marriage might be threatened by their wives carrying on with other women.

I think it is fair to assume that some of these emails are not entirely honest. There are probably some women who have not discussed their feelings with their husbands, but want to reassure any potential lover that their husband is not a threat to the possibilities. And I am certain there are a portion of these emails that are men pretending to be women. However, for those which are from women, and are honest, I would venture to say that there are a number of husbands who are not concerned about their wives’ extra-marital activities — may even find that hearing or knowing about the encounters is sexually stimulating — simply because they do not find a woman threatening to his marriage.

I cannot help but feel that my emotions, or the emotions of any woman involved with one of these wives, are the least of these couples’ concerns. Is it me, or am I expecting too much sensitivity from women?

Having come out to myself in my 30s, I admit I have had some cheap affairs with men in my youth. None of those men ever made me feel as if I were merely an object involved in a science project — a sense I get when I read an email asking me where a woman can find someone who would understand her situation. Perhaps it is my own reaction, but I feel as if these women think lesbians are just waiting for them to give the word and their jump their bones.

Is it perhaps that these women, along with society in general, still assume that lesbians are just about sex, any sex as long as it is with a woman? Perhaps it is time we hired a press agent..?

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