Protect Our Lesbian Students

Would you assume that teachers protect our students at school? And if the teachers did not protect our students, then would you assume the administration is doing so? If you assume they are, you would be wrong.

According to a survey funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one of every 13 students has been taunted or attacked because classmates thought he or she was gay/lesbian. The classmate was not necessarily gay/lesbian, but he or she was perceived to be.

In fact, young gay/lesbian adults are beginning to file million dollar lawsuits against their former high schools because they were notprotected. One of those students won their suit against the principal and was awarded a multi-million dollar settlement. You can bet that principals all across the country are thinking twice about leaving gay/lesbian students to fend for themselves.

In summer 1999, California’s State Senate approved legislation that created a legal shield around our students who are, or who are perceived to be gay/lesbian. These protections are the same as what was previously laid out for gender, religion, race or ethnicity. The governor of California, Gray Davis, signed the measure. The measure is titled Dignity for All Students Act.

So, would you suppose everyone would be rallying around this measure to protect the children? I thought that was the rallying cry of religious crazies everywhere — PROTECT THE CHILDREN!

Well, you guessed it — they are not lining up to support this measure or to protect the children. Apparently gay/lesbian teens are not children. The opponents of this legislation are calling this measure a tool to legitimize homosexuality and push a ‘gay agenda’ on schools. And of course religious beliefs are being spouted to support the double standard of their opinions.

Am I the only one who notices this double-speak? How do these groups hold onto their followers?

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