Outing Tinky-Winky?

Gay tele-tubbies. Who would have thunk? Apparently our good friend, Jerry Falwell and his newsletter editors knew. Good thing he warned the rest of us. Imagine allowing some British production group to indoctrinate our children with subversive clues like … purple … triangles … and purses. Next thing you know, they will be using [gasp!] rainbows.

Jerry Falwell’s newsletter editors announced Tinky-Winkie of Tele-tubbies is gay, offering as evidence the triangle patch, the color of the character and the bag [or purse, as Mr. Falwell describes it] carried by the character. The British production group who created the character responded to the allegations that the character had no gender, let alone a sexual orientation.

Of course is this not the first time that Falwell and his group have made some very far out allegations. But what was truly amazing about the entire exchange was the fact that the media did not need to ask LGBT political leaders for a comment. They were actually able to react without anyone having to explain the absurdity of the allegations. For once the straight press did not even take the time to get the opposing view. They had the presence of mind to point and laugh for themselves — publicly recognizing the absurdity of Mr. Falwell’s announcement and his followers reactions.

I find the reaction to this news story very encouraging and exciting. Perhaps we really have made progress in educating the media.

I realize this is not the end of the battle for LGBT civil rights — but it is one hell of a fun start.

One for Tinky-Winkie.

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