More Lesbian Types?

Not too long ago, you would often receive the response when you came out to someone as a lesbian, but you can’t be a lesbian! You’re not looking like one! I’m never quite sure how to answer that remark, but I’m sure it wasn’t a compliment at all. We all understand that the appearance of lesbians is as different as any heterosexual female. Playing with the stereotypes, though, can be enjoyable.

The Lesbian Butch.
This female usually wears her hair very short, in build and/or muscular can be relatively box’ish. She would never be seen in make-up or clothes, but if it is demanded by the scenario, she looks awkward— almost like a man-in-drag. Her step is very purposeful and masculine. Overall, a butch woman has a very take-up approach and character, and takes no guff from anyone else— other than her lover, but that’s quite another problem.

The Lesbian woman.
This female is in a wife’s position most comfortable. Women usually match butch lesbians, although it is not unusual to see women with kinds of women or androgynous. Female lesbians are generally very feminine, in clothes, make-up, and hair styled very comfortable. Most females are mistaken for heterosexual females and they are generally ignored by lesbians who complain.

The Lesbian Lipstick.
This female tends to wear a very feminine way of wearing make-up and dress. Some think the lipstick lesbian is having sexual experiments and will return to a heterosexual life’s safety.

The Lesbian of Politics.
This female has dismissed the patriarchal society and is only surrounded by womyn. Everywhere she goes, she tends to insist very heavily on womyn just spacemost.

The Lesbian Non-Lesbian.
This female dates males most often in schools and has physical interactions with her roommates or friends. When one of her roommates / friends loves her, she will declare that she is not a lesbian— she loves males! This one leaves in her wake broken hearts.

The Lesbian-Trapped-In – A-Man’s-Body.
This guy we can’t miss. He’s generally a guy who has made friends with a lot of lesbians. He is ready to declare himself and assumes that he is quite original. If not taken too seriously, this man can be fun.

So, in any of those descriptions can you discover yourself? No? Well, perhaps a little at that time— though hopefully you’re not trapped in a masculine body!  Hopefully with this little workout you’ve had fun… And if I missed your favourite stereotype, let me know.

Until next time…