Lesbians were Married Straight

Gay men and females have married straight people for millennia, and there is a distinct reason for each individual. Although the reasons differ, the truth is that it hurts everyone. So how is that going to occur?

Some don’t seem to understand they’re homosexual until later in life, having 2.5 children and a dog after being married for a number of years. How can’t you understand that you’re a lesbian? Easy.

Every film, television show and business informs you that you want a guy as a female. Everyone in your family is talking about the day you are going to discover that unique MAN. Each teacher promises to include people in your future. And if you don’t feel it, you’re going to be reassured that you’re just a late bloomer.

You’re getting the theme. Must want Tarzan for me Jane. So you can relax once you’ve got Tarzan. You fulfilled the expectations of cultures, and now you understand that instead you wanted his sister! Oops!

Others hope they will be converted into heterosexuals by marriage. This could be due to their own inner homophobia, or a response they had when they went out receiving adverse reactions from family and friends.

When the change doesn’t happen, and in fact the urges get stronger and harder to ignore, these folks end up having relationships on the side until they can’t be the loving heterosexual wife anymore. Then anything can occur, but generally it is explosive and painful to all engaged.

I doubt if I struck any reason lesbians end up in marriages that are heterosexual. But even the few end scenarios we can imagine are something we all need to consider before we take that ultimate deception final step…

Until next time…