Lesbian Politics

Two steps forward with one step back— a familiar refrain that remains true for our country’s LGBT society. I don’t understand how many of you keep up with the news, but[ and hopefully it’s not wishful thinking] it seems to me that many individuals are losing their infatuation with religious crazies. More and more towns pass domestic partnership laws, more businesses offer domestic partnership coverage, and more votes are passing in favor of LGBT problems with wider margins. I have a feeling that more individuals are starting to comprehend our problems— or at least they are more worried about fairness as a whole.

That’s one qualification— only if kids are not included in the problem. Anyone under the age of 18 is a kid in today’s religious crazy world. Impressive— innocent— unaware of the world’s distinctions. In this globe, there are no more young adults— nor do adolescents— at least in terms of politics. Because if it appears that we are moving forward in obtaining the same rights as everyone else, the religious crazies are entering and using the C-word. In the globe of politics, the specter of innocent kids and the[ whisper] pedophiles[ as the crazies like to refer to us] are waiting to defeat us.

I listen to my seventeen-year-old ranting to be treated at college as a second-class citizen— by government agencies and companies— just because of his era. He feels insulted when someone tries to hide something from him— he doesn’t feel protected. He’s not quite an adult, but he’s not a kid anymore. He is, what we used to call, a young guy or a teenager. Yet, in a little over a year, he’s a teen who’s going to enter college.

His reaction and attitude are no distinct from his friends— his peers. None of them are kids anymore, despite the propaganda of those who want to force our society back into the repressive eras. We know about the pregnancy of kids aged 9 and 10. The other day, I read a statistic that one in ten adolescents is HIV-positive, and yet we took to call them kids. They’re far from kids. These are adolescents who should have received data in order to have a better future than the pills of HIV and death that await them.

The so-called religious right fights to keep birth control and safe-sex information out of our schools using the slogans of protecting the children. They do nothing to safeguard anyone but the sensitivity and shame of their own limited brand. With respect to teenage pregnancy and HIV status, their kids do not fare better than anybody else’s kid. They feel better because nobody is speaking about problems that are frightening and confusing. And our teenagers are dying to raise children or losing their own youth.

So I have to ask— when are we going to stop placing our own concerns above our teenagers and young adults ‘ security? When are sane adults telling these religious fanatics to take their fear and death away from our children?

Until next time…