Lesbian doesn’t realise she’s in a loving relationship with her roommate

A 19-year-old lesbian Redditor is warming hearts across the internet after asking for help with the age-old question: ‘Do they like me or are they just being friendly?’

The anonymous teen wrote to the r/relationships subreddit seeking advice on how to act around her “smoking hot” female roommate, whom she’s lived with for more than a year.

During that time, the lesbian poster grew close to her friend and developed a “pretty huge crush” on her. She was unable to tell whether her friend was flirting back – but fortunately, the situation was all-too-clear to her fellow Redditors.

As she lists 15 adorable examples of suspected flirting, it becomes increasingly obvious that the pair are effectively in a lesbian relationship with each other already.

She texted me saying she misses the way I feel and smell with no regard for my gay heart.

Her crush buys her gifts: “She gets me anything I say in passing I want or circle in any catalogue that I have… now we’re both kind of broke but have some sort of present buying stand-off going on.”

She uses cute nicknames: “She almost exclusively calls me ‘baby’. She asked me if it was OK and I was like yeah go for it and she was like thanks because I always refer to my friends like this. But SHE DOESN’T.”

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