Internet Amore For Lesbians Too?

We have all seen the dating ads for straight folks, but have you seen the ads for lesbians? As individuals who feel marginalized within our own country, we are being encouraged and are finally able to openly look for and meet other women!

Single people are able to converse and compare life and cultures with other individuals who live in countries completely different from their own. One of the more amazing phenomena to come out of the Internet dating scene has been the manner in which individuals [both married and single] find, meet and commit to being lovers. No one could have predicted how quickly and easily changes in the standard dating/mating mores would be accepted.

The Internet offers every variety of adult activity. One of these activities is commonly called hot chatting. These individuals jump into exchanging email, occupying private chats and posting sexually explicit materials to each other – all in the interest of sexual gratification. They may be entertaining just one suitor, or they may be juggling many.

Some couples talk at great length online, exchanging email, occupying chat rooms and posting messages in forums — getting to know the inner person before ever laying eyes on the physical. These individuals are open for a Relationship and will respond to the person who catches their eye while sharing the same interests online. Dependent upon the written word and unable to use facial expressions, kisses or touch, this relationship burns passionate in lengthy promises of life-long devotion. Like the teen’s first love, if this relationship does not find offline release, the relationship will soon fizzle and die.

Some couples have met [online], exchanged the most private of information, planned to move across the globe, become engaged and planned a wedding — all before ever laying eyes on each other. When at last the couple meets, anything can happen.

Some will look upon the face of the other and find the confirmation that they are indeed, the love of their life. Others will look into each other’s eyes and admit that there is no interest in their heart. They will promise to remain friends, a promise that will last until one or the other meets the next online love.

And then there are the desperate. These individuals will admit in their heart of hearts that this one is not their love, but for many personal reasons, they will continue within the relationship — even going so far as to marrying. Within a few years, the individuals will be facing a bitter divorce, dragging every [online] friend into the ugly disagreements and fights with them.

These couples are not always unmarried individuals. Many people have identified themselves as happily married in real life, then six months later they are identifying themselves as someone who is heavily involved with a person online, deep in divorce, and not only planning their move to a country they have never visited, but also planning their wedding to someone they’ve never laid eyes upon.

What a strange power the Internet holds over our hearts. Are you one of the women who have avoided the allure of passion on the ‘net? Or have you found your life partner online? Share your stories with us!

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