How Many Lesbians…?

Answer: That is not funny!

So where did we lose our collective sense of humor? Did we never have one?

Seriously, on a one-to-one basis I know many lesbians who are quite funny and some have a wicked sense of humor. So why is it when we get into a group, we lose it? Or do we?

Of course we have our standard issues — and sometimes it may feel as if we are heavily entrenched in an us vs. straights battle or more often the case an us vs. men situation, but is it really that simple? Or do we just get caught up in the repetitive debates and fall into that type of thinking? As easy as it may be, falling easily into a defensive stance is going to make it nearly impossible to keep any sense of perspective at all.

Then there is the other side of the issue. Somewhere along the line someone decided that only serious women/lesbians are real or effective activists. And if not us, then who is capable of accomplishing the goals we hold dear? If a woman is not serious enough she is accused of either not being a real activist or of someone who is damaging the credibility of lesbians and the cause. However, truth be told, there is no reason not to lighten up. That old saying about drawing more bees with honey and all that seems to hold some validity in today’s political climate. And what the heck! It would also help prevent us from burning out and dropping out.

Or is the problem because we suffer from too much empathy? We sometimes seem to tie ourselves into knots tip-toing around every issue because it may be someone’s button; and of course we should all be understanding of each other’s needs. But sometimes laughter is the best medicine. We need to get away from our open wounds. We need to encourage each other to heal.

So… my prescription is that we all throw our heads back and let go. There is nothing more attractive than a woman giving up a big ol’ belly laugh… and it just might scare the hell out of our opponents too.

ntil next time… 

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