How many Lesbians are there …?

Answer: It’s not funny!

So where have we lost our feeling of humor collectively? Have we never got one?

Seriously, I understand many lesbians on a one-to – one basis that are pretty funny and some have a wicked sense of humor. So why do we lose it when we join a band? Or are we doing it?

Of course we have our normal problems— and sometimes it may feel like we’re strongly embedded in a fight between us and straight, or more often the case of a scenario between us and people, but is it really that easy? Or are we just caught up in repetitive discussions and falling into that kind of thinking? As easy as it may be, falling into a defensive position will render it almost impossible to maintain any feeling of view at all.

Then there’s the issue’s other side. Somewhere along the line somebody decided that only severe women / lesbians are activists that are genuine or efficient. And if not us, then who can achieve the objectives we love? If a female is not severe enough, she is either accused of not being a true activist or of harming the lesbian’s legitimacy and cause. There is no reason not to lighten up, though, to tell the reality. That old saying about drawing more bees with honey and all that in today’s political climate seems to carry some validity. And what a heck it was! It would also assist us to avoid burning out and falling out.

Or is it because we are suffering from too much empathy? Sometimes we seem to bind ourselves into knots tip-toing around each problem because it may be the button of somebody; and of course we should all understand the requirements of each other. But laughter is the best medicine at times. We have to get out of our open wounds. We must promote one another to cure.

So… My prescription is to throw back our heads and let go of them all. There’s nothing more appealing than a female laughing a large ol’ stomach… And it could just scare the fuck from our rivals as well.

Night before the next moment…