How Do Lesbians Have Sex?

To the question, How do lesbians have sex? I always thought the proper response was, quite well, thank you.

I thought the question was a put on. One of those designed to embarrass the respondent or to give a thrill. Then I discovered some people think anything less than intercourse is not sex. Well, that certainly puts a new slant on the question, doesn’t it? So, for those who have previously assumed that a penis (intercourse) is required for sex, allow me to illuminate …

Most of us have read that the main sexual organ is the mind. Yes, it is true. If you doubt it, try to enjoy sex when you are over-tired or cranky from a bad day. Believe me, there will be little excitement and no satisfaction. But when your mood is light or loving, it takes very little to make the juices flow.

So in answer to the question How do lesbians have sex? the answer is simple. Like everyone else, it all falls under personal preference. Sex is really such a personal and intimate act that no one answer would fit for everyone, but here are a few particulars to consider …

BODIES. We sometimes forget that the entire body is an erogenous zone. Sensitive areas include the face, ears, neck, arms, chest, belly, back, butt, and thighs, back of knees, calves, feet and toes. The entire body can be used to excite a woman. Rubbing bodies together, feeling erect nipples or moist pubic area can excite with subtle motions.

FINGERS. Fingers can be delightful to use on those women who enjoy penetration (not all women do). Some women appreciate long, thin fingers while others like the feel of short, strong fingers. No matter what the preference, all women appreciate clean, short, well-filed nails.

HANDS. Running hands up and down a lover’s body will often elicit electric responses of passion. From light caresses down the back to deep rubbing across the butt, caressing is an important aspect to sex. Caressing often turns to gentle pinching or tugging at nipples. Lightly running fingers in a tickling motion across the belly and sides will excite many women. Once excitement has built, slipping fingers into the vagina or rubbing against the clitoris will often bring a woman to orgasm.

MOUTH. Kissing is a good place to begin and a very important part of sex. Kisses come in different styles depending on the person, the mood and the moment. Tiny, soft kisses tantalize and intrigue. Deep, open-mouth kisses with tongues entwined convey a depth of passion and longing. Kisses are appropriate for any part of the body, wherever one feels the urge to place them, lightly or with trailing tongues. Gently nibbling or sucking on nipples excites some women, and some women can reach orgasm just from breast arousal. It is important to note reactions to these stimulations as some women dislike having their breasts touched at all. Gently nibbling or sucking on a responsive clitoris is enjoyed by most women and most often results in orgasm.

PELVIC AREA. Some women can reach orgasm by rubbing pelvic areas together or against a lover’s leg. This can be done with one partner on top or two women side-to-side.

ANAL SEX. Anal sex can include anilingus (licking the anus) and/or penetration. Penetration can be done with a finger or fingers, dildo or butt plug. Some women love anal sex, others do not. Like everything else, it’s all personal preference.

DILDOS, VIBRATORS & BUTT PLUGS. (Or objects used to vaginal or anal penetration). Some women use dildos and/or butt plugs some do not. Some use them occasionally; some use them all the time. Dildos come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Some are shaped as corncobs, fists, dolphins or fingers. Some have attachments to stimulate the clitoris during penetration and some have two ends to stimulate two women at one time. It’s all personal preference.

FISTING. Fisting is penetrating a woman’s vagina with your entire hand. Fisting requires a lot of concentration and caution. I recommend¬†Hand In The Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting, by Deborah Addington, if you want to learn the proper how-to on fisting.

MUTUAL MASTURBATION. Many women enjoy mutual masturbation. Lying while facing each other, simultaneously rubbing and touching each other’s clitoris can be educational as well as enjoyable.

As stated before, everyone has their own preference for certain sensations or actions. There are many, many variations on this list and some women may enjoy giving but not receiving or receiving but not giving. But whatever the personal preference in the bedroom, lesbians enjoy sex quite well, thank you.

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