Discover My Lesbian Sexuality

Have you ever remembered when you knew that you were a lesbian for the first time? Some females inform me that they always knew that they had distinct sexual wishes from other females. They grasped the significance behind being distinct once they learned the words.

Until a friend pointed the class hunk to me in sixth grade, I didn’t notice kids. As I can remember, it didn’t have a large effect on my life. I still performed as if my life depended on winning on the girls ‘ volleyball squad and the basketball team. I was a cheerleader for the baseball squad of the boys during the baseball season. I guess there were teams of boys too; I just don’t remember anything about them. My mom thought that I was a late bloomer.

I was very unusual. I was the child who grew up to be engaged in the city’s eve cause. I was the girl who was reading— for fun! I was the kid who didn’t care what the neighbors were thinking. I picked up the idea somewhere that life was going to be lived on your own terms. My mom was unable to figure out where I came from.

I remember crushing people as a teenager, but when my wives left me for a date, I remember being more hurt. I remember lying awake half the night thinking about sex with my wives and having sleepover parties. I thought nuts were gone hormones.

I dated boys in my twenties from high school. They just found me, I didn’t look for kids. I was not looking for a relationship other than the short entanglement that was intended to get me out of the house of my parents. Indeed, once I found that I was able to move myself out, I actively looked at dating boys not to be serious. When I wanted to do it, I liked to do what I wished. My dad recommended me to play stupid in order to catch a guy. I was laughing.

One day, I discovered Love in my thirties. I wasn’t searching for it; I tried to remain away from it actively. You understand that sensation when you’ve known someone for a long moment— someone you respect a lot, but they’re not really part of your life— and for some reason you’re having dinner with them, and you’re suddenly hitting your head with how I get you into my life?

All of a sudden, it makes sense. All relationship prevention, inability to bond with someone of the opposite sex, weird dreams, late blooming, distinct being, crazy hormones. I fell in love with a lady, and suddenly I felt that I was part of myself.

I can’t say I don’t appreciate people; like dear friends, I appreciate them greatly. I’ve found men so much more enjoyable now that we don’t have sex and/or mental interference with each other. I can’t say I don’t appreciate men’s sex, but I appreciate women’s sex, especially this lady, more. Women offer a lot of reasons for being a lesbian.

There are cases where men have abused females, and females can turn to females in hopes of finding security. Some females, because it’s the present fad, are lesbians. But my reason for being a lesbian (so it must be the best reason, right?) is because I’m attracted to females. I enjoy a woman’s softness, appearance, texture, smell, and taste. I even enjoy the way you’re going to be insane.

I believed we could all go down the memory road over the next few weeks. Come out to yourself, come out (or not) to your family and friends, come out (or not) to your fellow staff, come to terms with religious convictions. And just as the life and practice of no one is the same as that of another, I would also like to hear your tales. Please send me your tale, and if I can post it, let me know.

Until next time…