Balance Or Sensationalism – Anti-LGBT Groups

When was the last time you saw a gay / lesbian tale on the news on television? I saw one not too long ago— I don’t remember what it was about, but I remember that the local religious crazyspokesperson was interviewed in order to get their perspective on the subject. Why are they doing this..? To take the tale to balance, of course. Why else are they going to do it?

Balance? Does this imply that they will get the masculine perspective on it when they cover a women-relevant problem? Will they provide comments from the local Ku Klux Klan when they cover an problem relevant to African-Americans? When they cover immigration problems, will they include local redneck remarks? Who’s the joking?

I may over-react to this scenario, but there are at least two sides to every problem— plus the reality. It’s obvious to me that the media doesn’t know that these tales are not problems about PEOPLE. So who’ll explain it to them? And why is it that we are also given the view of the ignorant on problems that influence the homosexual population?

It is clear to me that this particular media handling of gay / lesbian problems is nothing more than their feeble effort at sexy news. You understand, the kind of tale that they put into every commercial because they understand it will take more people to tune in to the news from their station. I think it’s time we realized the news media didn’t take us seriously, or our problems. They’d report them if they did, as they do every other tale. So how are we going to alter our picture? Or the news media at least wise up?

Some people argue in favor of closing our more… We’re going to tell… Flamboyant people. Just placed in front of the normal-looking people. Can people hide us in front of us? Sometimes we— and the problems that influence us— end up in the media because of the more outrageous folks. That could also be counter-productive.

Some people argue we’re sticking to problems that normal people can comprehend. Marriage. Adoption. Wills. For me personally, marriage and will are issues that could be understood even by the most normal citizen. And there are a lot of other problems to be dealt with. Like educating children that homosexuality is not a bad thing. We have children who merely kill other children because they’re different. It seems to me that we need to get to grips with this issue before it is out of control.

Maybe the solution is not who we are, or our problems. Maybe the response is that we should begin to act like customers. When the local media is running a tale but providing the ignorant side with a forum, we need to call, write or email that station and request that it be taken seriously. And if they don’t, we’re going to stop observing them. We can also call, email or write their advertisers, saying our discontent with the placement of their sales— profits from our purchases.

We can create a difference— and it’s time to do that.

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