A Real Lesbian Education

As the college year comes to an end, I notice that the usual stories are listed in the different gay journals and magazines. Gay / Lesbian learners compelled out of college or at least prevented the student’s body from enjoying the extra-curricular activities.

Many school authorities deny understanding of any issues at their schools when interviewed. They recognize that their student body is made up of at least a few homosexual learners, but they claim that they are not harassed or treated differently from any other student.

Unfortunately, there are very distinct tales for gay / lesbian / bisexual learners to say. Most report other students ‘ bullying— verbal and physical. Nearly all report being recommended to maintain their sexuality confidential by educators. I’m sure the professors have the best intentions, but the fundamental message is still there— this is a shameful secret. And for those students who don’t listen to teachers ‘ warnings? Well, they’re on their own because no one is going to get involved in the power. And they’re all actually going to turn a deaf ear to the harassment around them. After all, obviously the student was asking for it, isn’t it?

Every college will still be compelled to face the annual question— what do gay learners wanting to join their prom?

I have to acknowledge that some very creative responses have been given to this issue.

Some colleges only arrange for GLBT learners to organize a district-wide prom event. Obviously there is something to say about this concept, as it would eliminate a lot of fear and stress these learners might face if they were to attend the frequently planned prom. However, as we’ve seen many times, different is rarely equal and although I haven’t heard any reports about how these proms pan out, my only hope is that they’re worthwhile occurrences.

Other colleges will overlook the problem and then, when the few GLBT couples appear, have to cope with the concerns and responses of everyone attending. I haven’t heard of any riots arising from a GLBT youth college prom, but I guess it’s a stressful occurrence for everyone.

There’s a fresh twist to the senior class prom this year, which I doubt anyone might have anticipated.

Krystal Bennett was elected Prom King at the Senior Class Prom prom in a small town just outside Seattle, Washington, the only out – of-the-box lesbian at Ferndale High School. Sounds wild, huh? Well, it’s becoming more interesting. You see, Kara Johnson, the Prom Queen, didn’t care, nor did her partner. As Ms. Johnson said, “It’s not that big deal. It’s high school. Let it go.” Well, the 9000 town isn’t prepared to let go. And there are no religious crazies either. Rev. Hate himself— Rev. Phelps — traveled from his home in Kansas all the way to let the townspeople know that GodHatesFags — though I doubt it was really essential. Reading quotes from local leaders and members of the school board, I think they already understand the message to be delivered by the Reverend.

I suspect that in a week or two the entire hoopla will be over, and hopefully everyone will take something from this experience. Perhaps this is going to be the catalyst for this city to tackle its own homophobia— or at least start the voyage.

In reading the information of this tale in the different journals and magazines, I am hit by a question I believed I could share— why are heterosexual adolescents still kids but not homosexual adolescents?

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