A Look At Why Lesbian Relationships Fail and Simple Ways to Save Your Relationship

The literature on relationship dynamics and intimacy are dominated by observations on heterosexual relationships-relationships that constitute a male and a female.

While there is plenty of literature that provides advice for gay relationships in general, there is not so much information and advice on lesbian relationships.

So, we decided to take a look at some of the studies that discuss the common reasons why lesbian relationships fail and what you can do to make your relationships last.

What studies and observations are saying about why lesbian relationships fail

Studies have discovered that while there are various reasons as to why lesbian relationships fail, most of the reasons are almost the same as the reasons why heterosexual relationships fail.

Drs. John and Julie Gottman conducted a 12-year longitudinal study that followed 21 gay and 21 lesbian relationships using the same methods as they did to study heterosexual relationships by observing couples arguments.

The findings from their study supported the claim that even same-sex relationships struggle with the same things as in straight couples.

In Dr. Gottman’s words “Gay and lesbian couples, like straight couples, deal with everyday ups-and-downs of close relationships. But, we know that some of these ups-and-downs may occur in a social context of isolation from family, workplace prejudice, and other social barriers that are unique to gay and lesbian couples.”

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